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How Do You Find an Indoor Water Leak?

Water leaks from pipes, toilets, water tanks or other plumbing fixtures may cause significant damage and dramatically increase your bills. While some water leaks can be easily spotted during your regular plumbing system maintenance, others may require meticulous investigations. Here’s how you can promptly find an indoor water leak and avoid emergency plumbing service:

  • Check your hot water tanks – to see if your hot water tank is causing any leaks, take a look at the pressure relief valve. Note that this valve may be plumbed into a drain. If the drain pipe can’t be removed for further inspection, listen for any hissing sounds that often indicate water leaks.
  • Look for toilet leaks – to detect a toilet leak, first listen for any hissing sounds to localize the problem. If there’s no sound, add a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and wait for a few minutes. No coloring should appear in the bowl. Any coloring in the bowl indicates a leak in the flapper located at the bottom of the toilet tank.
  • Identify potential faucet leaks – these are some of the most common types of water leaks and can be easily detected. To find an indoor water leak caused by a faucet, check to see if there is any water dripping after you’ve turned off the faucet. Repeat this step for every sink, shower and tub faucet in your home.
  • Check your whole-house humidifying system – if your home is equipped with a whole-house humidifier, the refill valve may have failed to close, causing the excess water to be sent into the sewer. This can lead to water leaks that are often harder to detect and may require expert help.

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