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How Can a Low Level Carbon Monoxide Alarm Help You?

You know that elevated levels of carbon monoxide are dangerous. Because of this, every home that has fuel burning appliances or cars parked in an attached garage, should have carbon monoxide alarms installed. Here is something that you might not know: research shows that low levels of carbon monoxide can also be very dangerous. The good news is, there are now companies that offer low level carbon monoxide alarms.

A low level carbon monoxide alarm could make all the difference Like your standard carbon monoxide alarm, the low level carbon monoxide alarm detects the concentration of carbon monoxide in the vicinity. The low level CO alarm takes CO analysis to the a higher level. A standard CO alarm is triggered when the concentration of CO becomes “harmful for humans”, which usually means “harmful for a healthy adult human.”

But what about the elderly?

What about babies and small children? The answer is a more sophisticated type of CO alarm. The low level carbon monoxide alarm gives you the ability to detect all CO levels in real time. This means that you don’t have to wait until it is too late to be informed of rising levels. If you have a CO alarm, check the manual for a list of the levels of detection. These documents have research that shows how harmful CO toxicity is, even at low levels.

Remember to Always Test Your Alarm

If you currently have carbon monoxide alarms be sure you test them regularly to insure that they are working properly. Consider adding a few low level carbon monoxide alarms to your home to insure safer monitoring at all levels.

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