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How Can a LEED-Certified Facility Benefit Your Business?

The energy efficiency and environmental friendliness offered by “green” construction and management practices continues to be an important consideration for both building owners and their tenants. LEED is one of the most notable and prestigious third-party evaluation and certification program today.

LEED certification indicates a high level of adherence to energy-saving green principles in building design, construction and upkeep. The following outline will help you understand why a LEED-certified facility is beneficial for you as a building and business owner.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental Design. This certification program is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED certification covers structural characteristics and other features of building design that are energy efficient.LEED certification can be granted in any of five major categories:

  • Energy use and efficiency, particularly in lighting and HVAC systems.
  • Building location and the sustainable character of the surrounding area.
  • Indoor air quality and lighting-reduction efforts.
  • Water conservation and steps taken to reduce water use.
  • Use of sustainable materials in construction.

The Market for Green Construction

In a Forbes article, reporter William Pentland noted that green construction and environmentally conscious building practices have become a standard component of the construction industry. Pentland reported that in 2010, a third of all new commercial construction projects were considered “green” construction. By 2015, green construction is expected to triple, accounting for $120 to $145 billion worth of new construction and some $14 to $18 billion of renovations.

Benefits of a LEED-Certified Facility

LEED certification is a major component of an increasing interest in environmentally sound construction. The benefits of having a LEED-certified facility are significant for anyone involved in buying, building, owning, or occupying a commercial structure.

Building owners and managers can expect LEED certification to benefit them by:

  • Reducing costs significantly: A LEED-certified facility costs less to heat and cool and is intended to be as energy efficient as possible, either through initial construction or through retrofits and energy-saving projects. Ongoing operating costs for green buildings are substantially lower, while utilities costs per employee are also reduced.
  • Improving competitive advantage: A LEED-certified facility is often considered more attractive to tenants, especially those who are interested in environmental friendliness, sustainability and energy conservation.
  • Attracting premium tenants: LEED-certified structures are more attractive to premium tenants and are more likely to attract renters who are willing and able to pay above-market rates for superior a facility. The cost savings offered by a LEED-certified facility may convince potential tenants that, even at a higher rental rate, the building is an economically viable option.

Tenants and renters can expect to benefit from LEED certification by:

  • Lowering energy expenses and operating costs: High-efficiency buildings can reduce the cost of heating, cooling, lighting, water and other standard costs of business. Energy-efficient construction, in combination with high-efficiency HVAC systems and water-conservation measures, can also substantially reduce monthly costs.
  • Improving employee comfort: A well-heated or cooled building can keep your employees happier and more comfortable. As a result, employee morale will improve. Additionally, productivity losses due to low indoor air quality, inappropriate temperatures, insufficient lighting and related problems will decrease.
  • Boosting public perception: A green building can improve your company’s public relations stance and how it’s viewed by the media and the public at large. Your company will be able to credibly emphasize its attention to sustainability and energy conservation, while attracting additional customers who share a commitment to these concepts.

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