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How Can Fall Furnace Maintenance Prevent Problems Next Season?


The fall season is the time of year to prepare your furnace for the heating months. By scheduling professional furnace maintenance sooner rather than later, your furnace will be prepared to heat your home efficiently and safely at the first sign of cool weather. You may also prevent heating problems from occurring when you need your furnace most.

Furnace Efficiency

The primary furnace sections and basic steps your HVAC technician performs to promote efficient and safe home heating include the following:

Combustion chamber: When the thermostat activates home heating, furnace burners fire up to warm the heat exchanger. Your technician cleans and tests gas and heating components and looks for signs of incomplete combustion, such as soot and unusual noises.

Blower chamber: After the burner has adequately heated up the heat exchanger, the blower motor turns on. Dirt and debris buildup on the motor and fins reduces efficiency and may cause the motor to fail. Your technician lubricates the motor and cleans the entire blower chamber.

Ductwork: As the blower powers on, cool air from the living spaces is pulled through return ducts and across the heat exchanger. The blower forces the heated airflow through supply ducts to your home. Ducts are visually inspected for leaks, which impact efficiency, comfort and safety.

Venting: The poisonous gases inside the heat exchanger are vented through the roof or sidewall. Your flue or sidewall vents are inspected for corrosion, wear, and function.

Furnace Safety Checks

Fall furnace maintenance spots system safety flaws caused by damaged or poorly operating components. By cleaning and maintaining combustion parts, such as the pilot and burner, your furnace won’t turn into a flame thrower. Additionally, your technician checks the heat exchanger for cracks and checks to see if you have operable carbon monoxide alarms installed in the correct areas.

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