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Home Safety Checklist

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From intruders to electrical hazards, there are many potential safety issues that can affect your Wilmington home. Creating a home safety checklist helps ensure that you and your family stay as safe as possible all year round.

Electrical Safety

When checking your home for electrical hazards, add the following to your home safety checklist:

  • Replace any electrical cords that are worn down or damaged.
  • Remove cords that are under carpets or rugs, and move cords that run across doorways and other areas that you and your family typically walk through.
  • Check plugs and outlets to see if they’re giving off any heat. If they feel warm, have an electrician inspect them.
  • Limit high-wattage appliances to one per outlet to avoid overloading electrical outlets.


Lighting plays an important role in lowering the risk of intruders. Add these lighting items to your checklist:

  • Make sure that walkways, driveways, and entrances are well lit to deter intruders and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Install motion sensor lights to brighten your property when someone walks on it. This helps provide plenty of lighting for you and your family at night and makes intruders less likely to attempt a break-in.
  • Make sure your house number is large enough and has adequate lighting, so emergency personnel can easily see it.

Windows and Doors

Taking safety measure to protect your windows and doors helps keep your Wilmington home safe from break-ins. Consider having the following items on your home safety checklist:

  • Add a metal bar in the track if you have any sliding glass doors. This helps prevent burglars from entering.
  • Consider installing safety bars on ground floor windows.
  • Always lock doors and windows when leaving your home.

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