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Here’s What Could Happen if You Ignore HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system contains the most costly and critical equipment in your home and it needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. To help you understand why routine preventive care is so important, you need to know what happens when you ignore HVAC maintenance.

Rising Energy Bills

As long as the HVAC equipment runs without breaking down, you may think it’s safe to neglect annual maintenance. You may not notice the equipment’s energy efficiency gradually decreasing by about 5 percent each year or realize operating costs are slowly rising. Having a professional HVAC inspection, tune up and cleaning every year can preserve heating and cooling efficiency and keep your energy costs under control.

Inconvenient and Costly Breakdowns

Equipment that’s not well maintained is more likely to break down when it’s under the greatest stress, usually at the peak of the season. Regular maintenance not only makes inconvenient mid-season breakdowns less likely, it helps you avoid future repair bills because it gives an HVAC contractor the chance to fix any minor issues before they develop further. Health Problems and Safety Hazards A lack of regular maintenance also leaves you vulnerable to health and safety risks. Poorly maintained ducts can draw carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold and other unhealthy substances into the air your family breathes. Loose electrical connections, corroded wiring or leaks in the gas supply lines all pose serious fire hazards.

Shorter Equipment Life Span

If the HVAC equipment is neglected, wear and tear and dirt accumulations put unnecessary strain on critical components. Operating under these conditions can shorten the equipment’s life span and leave you facing expensive premature component replacements. In contrast, HVAC equipment that’s well maintained can keep running reliably for years longer than its expected service life.

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