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Helpful Advice to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Hurricane Season

Now that another storm season has arrived, it’s time to prepare your home for the possible onslaught of high winds and torrential rains hurricane season may bring. When you’re preparing the house, don’t forget to protect your home’s costly cooling equipment. The following tips can help you prepare your air conditioner for hurricane season and ensure your safety during and after a storm.

Steps to Take Right Away

Talk to your HVAC contractor about having hurricane straps installed. These metal tie-downs are designed to keep the outdoor unit securely attached to its concrete base in winds up to 150 mph. If you already have tie-downs, check that they’re still properly attached and in good condition.

When a Storm Is Approaching…

Before the wind picks up and the rain begins, store any loose items like yard equipment, patio furniture and bicycles in a storage shed or garage. Violent winds can turn these everyday items into hazardous airborne missiles. Then, shut off the HVAC system at the thermostat and circuit breakers to protect it from lightning and power surges. You can also cover the condenser unit with a tarp, but make sure the unit is shut down beforehand.

After the Wind and Rain Subsides

Once it’s safe to go outside, clear away any accumulated debris from around the condenser unit and vents. Then look for obvious signs of flooding, leaking or damaged refrigerant lines, frayed electrical wires, evidence of impact damage, and burning odors or scorch marks. If you see any signs of damage, don’t risk starting up the A/C for safety reasons. Instead, call a trusted HVAC pro to perform an inspection and assessment. Contact us to learn how to prepare your air conditioner for hurricane season.

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