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Heat Pump Maintenance Tips for the Hottest Summer Days

Heat pumps can be a very energy efficient way to heat and cool your home, but they may require a little more maintenance during the hottest summer days in Delaware and the surrounding areas. If your heat pump isn’t cooling, it may be related to one or more of the issues below.

Don’t turn the unit off. Even if you will be away all day, leave the unit running. Heat pumps may have to run 8 to 12 hours on the hottest days to keep your home at a comfortable level. Keep the windows closed. It might be tempting to open the windows during the cooler nights, but the cooler temperatures also bring more moisture, which works against the cooling efficiency of the heat pump.

Check the filters. Be sure to check the filters at least once each month. If the filters are dirty, replace them immediately. Dirty or clogged filters will reduce the efficiency of the unit during the hottest summer days. Check for indoor blockages. Make sure that furniture, curtains or other materials are not blocking the supply or return vents.

Also, check to be sure that nothing is clogging up the actual ductwork. This can greatly reduce the efficiency of the system, especially during the hottest days. Check for outdoor blockages. During the summer months, the coil may become clogged with grass clippings, leaves, or other materials. You can try gently vacuuming to remove the blockage; however, if the blockage is extreme, it might be time to call for professional help.

Schedule regular maintenance. Some maintenance issues may only been seen by professional technicians. Especially when the heat pump is working more during the hot summer days, be sure to schedule regular maintenance visits. A professional technician may be able to spot issues and solve them before they become major problems.

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