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Heat Pump Maintenance — Make It A Seasonal Affair

Plastic SnowmanAs a homeowner, you know that in order to keep, your utility bills low your HVAC system needs to continue running at peak performance. This is easy to achieve with a yearly tune-up. Heat pump maintenance, however, should be performed seasonally. There are a few things you can do yourself in the area of heat pump maintenance: change the air filter on a regular basis, keep the outside condenser unit free of debris and plants and make sure none of the air ducts are blocked by furniture or other items inside your home.

Everything else should be done by a licensed professional. When you schedule regular heat pump maintenance, the technician will:

  • Inspect the indoor air handler for dirt or debris buildup.
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor condenser unit.
  • Check the system for proper coolant levels and pressure, then check for coolant leaks if the pressure is abnormally low.
  • Inspect all electrical components for corrosion and proper operation and verify the heating system is locked out when the unit calls for cooling and that the cooling is locked out when the system calls for heating. The technician will also tighten and clean all electrical connections.
  • Check the belt and blower motor for proper operation. Adjust the belt if needed and lubricate all bearings.
  • Check air ducts for leakage and verify proper airflow throughout the entire system.
  • Verify the correct thermostat operation and make adjustments as needed.

By scheduling regular heat pump maintenance from your A/C contractor, you can be sure your heat pump is operating as efficiently as possible. With regularly-scheduled maintenance, any small problems are caught early and this can avoid expensive repair bills later down the road.

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