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Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier — The Comfort You Deserve

A humidifier can greatly enhance your home comfort — and energy savings. But you don’t want to select just any humidifier. Lennox’s Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier system offers unique advantages, and Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a Premier Lennox Dealer located in the Wilmington area, stocks a full range of Lennox products, including the Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier.

Why A Humidifier?

When winter sets in, the cool air that it brings is extremely dry. And dry air can lead not only to health problems, but it can also cause damage to your home’s wood materials. That cool, dry air can’t hold moisture, at least not as well as warmer air can. So it’s necessary to add moisture back into the air with a mechanical system.

Air that is moist also holds benefits for energy savings. When air is moist, it feels warmer to most people than air that is dry. This allows you to set your thermostat back a few degrees, which will ultimately result in your furnace system using less energy. For instance, a healthy humidity level of just 35 percent and an indoor temperature of 70 degrees feels the same as a lower humidity level of 20 percent and a higher indoor temperature of 73 degrees. So, when your home’s air is dry, you have to hike up the thermostat, causing the furnace to consume more energy, to stay warm. And you can accomplish the same warmth with increased humidity and decreased temperatures.

Why A Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier?

With its large capacity, a steam humidifier is an ideal solution for complete humidification in larger homes. And steam technology ensures that moisture is evenly dispersed.

  • It doesn’t waste water, consuming nearly 100 percent.
  • It provides for an even heating throughout the entire day.
  • It’s low maintenance.
  • It can combine with the use of humidistat that’s programmable.
  • It leads to healthier indoor air.
  • It offers protection against wood damage.

Interested in using Lennox’s Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier system to boost comfort and savings? Just contact Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today, and we’ll get you started.

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