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Great Reasons to Buy a Humidifier for Your Young Family

With winter already finding its way into the area, it’s time to consider the comfort of your family. Having a baby in the house means you need to take extra steps caring for one so young, especially if they can’t tell you what’s wrong. An ideal way to keep your baby comfortable is to buy a humidifier to combat winter dryness and ailments.

Baby’s skin

Adults are prone to dry skin in the winter, but it’s even worse for babies. Babies have sensitive skin and the dry air of a well-heated home causes irritation to not just their skin, but their nose and lungs as well. During the winter, indoor humidity can drop to as low as 10 percent and along with applying baby lotion, adding a humidifier can ease irritated skin.

Baby illnesses

Viruses thrive in the colder, drier air of winter and this is troublesome for everyone in the home, especially babies. Babies can’t take the cold medications prescribed for older children and adults so it’s important to provide other means of relief for respiratory issues. When you buy a humidifier and place it in the baby’s bedroom, it can help sooth irritated nasal passages and ease breathing for babies who are sick.

Sleep assistance

Many types of humidifiers produce white noise through the fan in the unit or with a rhythmic hum and this can soothe babies to sleep. The white noise can also help drown out other sounds in the home, which means the baby’s rest isn’t disturbed. Types of humidifiers There are two main types of humidifiers and they are warm mist and cold mist humidifiers.

Cool mist humidifiers are more popular because they don’t have a heating element that can cause injury to children. However, warm mist humidifiers can sometimes provide better relief of winter issues and can kill viruses and germs as they heat and create mist. Warm mist are more expensive than cool mist but ultimately, you need to choose what you feel works best for your baby. For advice on how to buy a humidifier, contact Sobieski Services, Inc.

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