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Got a Plumbing Emergency? Here’s How to Handle the Situation

When a plumbing emergency strikes, the first imperative must be to summon professional help. Water inundation from a ruptured supply line, an overflowing appliance or a sewage backup can cause expensive damage to your home and its contents in a very short span of time. Don’t put off calling a qualified plumber by becoming distracted with do-it-yourself repair efforts. Instead, take these sensible steps to minimize damage while help is on the way.

Turn Off the Water

If you don’t already know, make it a point to find out where the main water shutoff valve is located and how to operate it. If a wrench or special tool is required, it should be kept nearby. Test the valve annually. Have it evaluated by a plumber if it’s excessively hard to turn.

Shut Down the Water Heater

Whenever the main water valve is shut off, the water heater should be turned off, too. Rotate the gas valve to the “off” position. For an electric heater, turn off power at the switch or circuit breaker.

Locate Isolation Valves

Many plumbing fixtures like toilets and washing machines have separate valves that control water flow to that individual fixture. In the event of an overflow or other malfunction, close the valve to shut off the water supply. Test operation of these individual valves from time to time as they may become frozen or difficult to turn.

Open Outside Faucets

Once the main water supply is shut off in a plumbing emergency, you can more fully drain the system by opening outdoor spigots. Be sure to let your plumber know they’re open.

Remain Calm

The sight of uncontrolled water inundation in your house creates helplessness and panic. Remember to keep your priorities in order and call for professional service first. Then focus on efforts to keep damage to a minimum.

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