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Going Beyond the Call of Service: Vince Shavico [Customer Story]

Editor’s Note: Sobieski Services has had the pleasure of serving customer Vince Shavico of Wilmington, Delaware and his family for their plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs. Below is his story.

I feel compelled to write to you about the great service your organization has provided my family and myself recently. My family consists of my wife and myself as well as a daughter age 14, a son age 7 and my youngest daughter who has special needs age 4. Let me start by telling you how we became involved with your company in the first place. A little under 2 years ago, January of 2012, I believe, our heater failed completely. With the weather being extremely cold it put my family in a very precarious situation.

After calling a number of companies we fortunately contacted Sobieski’s and a gentleman came out and gave us an estimate quicker than anyone else could have. He then arranged to have it installed within 2 days at an extremely affordable price which was a small miracle. At that point we started recommending your company to anyone who would listen. In our most recent use of your services, you went beyond that. I called in the morning when I heard noises coming from our heater and made an appointment.

Shortly thereafter the problem became apparent, we had a squirrel in our exhaust chimney for the heater and hot water heater. I called back to let your company know what the issue was and just asked that the serviceman keep the appointment to check that there was no issues after the squirrel was removed. I then called my exterminator and they sent out their representative after several hours. He tried a few things for about an hour and then was told by his superiors to give up without giving us any recourse. Shortly thereafter, Joe Curry from your company arrived. He assessed the situation and let me know that the threat from the squirrel blocking the exhaust from the heater could be relatively high.

He then went way over with the extra effort and found a company to remove the squirrel prior to his leaving our house. His true concern for the well-being of our family and the incredible extra effort he put in to ensure we were safe is far beyond anything I would expect from any service company. While we were there he explained to me many of the issues we have in our house, due to the age mostly. His knowledge of code and building construction is incredible. He is truly an asset to your organization. As a result of his actions, we were able to sleep in our own home that night.

Additionally we have gotten a cap on our chimney as recommended by him and will eventually get the barometric controls on our heater and hot water heater. There is no measure to the amount of good will he has generated towards your company from my family, and I take every opportunity to let people know what happened and how Sobieski’s, and Joe in particular, helped our family. I will continue to be a loyal customer for as long as I live and you continue to hire people like Joe to take care or your customers.

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