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Getting Your Dust Problem Under Control


Household dust can get out of hand very quickly and it is not simply an eyesore. Rather, dust is a big contributor to poor indoor air quality. Here are ways to control your home’s dust problem.

Keep Windows Closed on Breezy Days

It is always nice to get some fresh air into the home, but opening windows on a windy day will just bring in more dust and other allergens. Keep windows closed and if your home is feeling stuffy or stale, consider getting your ventilation system checked.

Care for Carpet, Upholstery, and Linens

Textiles of all kinds attract dust and provide a breeding ground for dust mites, which cause allergic responses in many people. Invest in a great vacuum cleaner and make sure it is fitted with a HEPA filtration system. Vacuum all non-washable textiles, including upholstery and drapes, at least once a week. Bed linens and washable throw pillows should also be laundered every week.

Avoid Tracking Dust Inside

Do this by:

  • Removing shoes at the door — Keep an extra set of shoes for indoor use by the door. When you enter your home, switch shoes to avoid tracking dust in.
  • Using doormats — This encourages visitors to wipe their feet before entering your home.

Clean Hard Surfaces the Right Way

Dusting with a regular dry cloth just spreads dust around. Instead, use an electrostatic or a damp dusting cloth or mop.

Use Better Air Filters

Ditch flat-panel air filters for better quality pleated ones. Your air quality will improve and you’ll have less household dust to clean.

Control Humidity

When your home is too dry, things get dusty fast. On the other side of this, if your home is too humid, dust mites will multiply. Invest in a whole-home dehumidifier to keep humidity stable and control a dust problem through all seasons.

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