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Get the Most from Your HVAC System by Aiming and Redirecting Vents


In the Delaware and New Jersey area’s continental climate, it takes some planning to stay comfortable all year. Redirecting vents lets you optimize your heating and cooling system to achieve your preferred temperatures no matter what the weather.

Directing Airflow in the Room

The standard vent cover is a grille that’s screwed into place over the vent opening. This keeps foreign objects out of the duct and helps distribute out-coming air around the room. Decorative vent covers are also available to do the same thing. These are made from plastic, wood or metal with a variety of finishes. Metal versions are often designed in ornate patterns.

If you want to redirect your airflow with more precision, a vent deflector is one option. This plastic cover is placed over the vent to direct the airflow away from a nearby wall or item of furniture and toward the center of the room.

A vent extender is another way to direct your airflow. These direct air along the floor for a short distance and allow the air to flow out closer to the center of the room. They’re typically used for redirecting vents and registers located under furniture.

Directing Airflow in the Duct System

Magnetic vent covers are flat sheets of magnetized rubber that can be laid over vents to seal them off. These are meant to stop airflow to an unused room that doesn’t require heating or cooling. The goal is to redirect the air back into the duct system and toward other rooms.

Never close off more than 10 percent of your vents or registers. Closing too many vents can create a pressure imbalance inside your system, which places strain on the components. To more effectively control airflow to different parts of the house, ask an HVAC technician about installing a zoning system.

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