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Get An Instant Supply of Purified Water With A UV Filtration System

Ultraviolet water filtration systems will rid water of harmful bacteria and viruses without adding any harmful chemicals to the water. Places that use UV water sterilizers include breweries, bottlers, laboratories, private wells, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, the food and pharmaceutical industries, and homes.

Home UV Water Systems
Home UV water systems are becoming very popular due to their ease of use, low price, low maintenance requirements, and the fact that no chemicals are added to the water. Homeowners who have had a report of e.coli, coliform, cryptosporidium, or giardia in their water supply can especially benefit from a UV purification system.

How it Works
A UV filtration system works through a fairly simple process.

  • Water is exposed to the UV radiation to render the bacteria and viruses inert. The water needs to be clear enough for all the organisms to receive the radiation. If the water is not clear, then it will need to be filtered before being subjected to the UV radiation.
  • UV filtration systems consist of a water disinfection chamber and a quartz UV light bulb that will disinfect the water as it passes it.
  • On most systems, controls will either sound an alarm if the system is not working or turn off the water.

When you install a UV water system, you will need electricity for the bulb and plumbing materials, including drain and shutoff valves.

Benefits of UV Systems
There are many notable benefits of UV sterilization over chlorine treatments.

  • The water treated with UV radiation will not have a chlorine taste or odor. That’s why it is used in food preparation industries.
  • Chlorine decreases the pH level of the water while UV systems don’t.
  • Treating with chlorine requires more attention that treating with UV radiation.
  • Chlorine gas is sometimes released and that can be harmful or even deadly.
  • Chlorine is a dangerous chemical that is corrosive and has the ability to react with other chemicals in wastewater. Some of these compounds are toxic and harmful to the environment.

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