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Fix Your Home’s Plumbing Before the Winter

Water leaks and plumbing issues need to be addressed during every time of year. It is especially important, however, that you get your home’s plumbing in top shape before the winter hits. With the cold weather signaling upcoming holidays and hopefully some time off to spend with your family, your home may be full of guests. Having to deal with clogged sinks, backed up toilets and burst pipes with a house full of visitors can be a nightmare! It’s time to ensure you take care of any leaks and plumbing problems as soon as possible.

Clean Your Kitchen’s Garbage Disposal

A stinky, backed up kitchen sink can ruin any holiday dinner or party. Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal can prevent headaches when you’re trying to prepare or clean up.

Tune-Up Your Water Heater

With more people in the house, you don’t want anyone fighting over the hot water or experiencing a surprising and unpleasant cold shower. A water heater tune-up can help you be sure you’ll have enough hot water for everyone.

Fix Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can keep you awake all night when you’re already stressing over holiday preparations, or even worse, it can keep your guests awake. Addressing dripping faucets to help keep the annoyance and water waste to a minimum is essential.

Avoid Malfunctioning Toilets

We’ve all experienced the embarrassment a toilet that isn’t working properly can cause. Avoid putting yourself or your guests in that position during the winter season by making sure your toilets are running properly.

Prevent Pipes from Bursting

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst, especially if their integrity is already compromised due to a crack, gap or hole. If you have any water supply to the outdoors through a sprinkler system or an outdoor water hose, you need to drain them before the cold temperatures begin. Other pipes inside your home should also be inspected for any leaks to help prevent the likelihood of pipes rupturing during cold weather.

Sobieski Takes Care of Your MD, DE, PA or NJ Home’s Plumbing

At Sobieski, we’re expert plumbers. From a clogged sink to leaky pipes, we can fix it all. Even if you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, our team can inspect your plumbing system and make it right. Be sure your home stays free from any eventful holiday mishaps by resolving plumbing problems early with help from Sobieski!

Take care of your home’s plumbing before the holidays. Contact us or call (302) 993-0103 for help resolving all of your home’s plumbing problems!

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