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Five Power Sources for a Water Heater: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re replacing your water heater, you might automatically look for a near-identical replacement. However, with several viable fuel choices available, it’s wise to consider all your options before making your selection.

Gas (Storage)

This is considered a traditional water heater. It could be the best choice if the unit you’re replacing is a gas storage tank and you’re satisfied with the way it delivered hot water. You can expect routine installation and maintenance with this option. If you choose a high-efficiency model, you could save about 7 percent on your water heating bills.

Gas (Tankless)

A gas-powered tankless water heater could be best if you’re building a new home or conducting a major remodel. It combats the issue of running out of hot water, has a long lifespan and can reduce your water heating bills by 30 percent if you’re willing to make the necessary upfront investment. The tankless unit itself takes up very little space, but you need at least a three-quarter-inch natural gas line and space to install venting.

Gas (Condensing)

This could be the right option for a remodel or new construction project. It’s better at keeping up with demand than a traditional storage tank and reduces your water heating bills by about 30 percent. You must be willing to make a greater upfront investment and have enough space for special venting and a condensate drain if you choose this option.

Electric Heat Pump

Electric water heaters are typically expensive to operate, but if yours is powered by a heat pump, you can cut water heating costs in half. You need space for a condensate drain if you choose an electric heat pump-powered water heater. Solar If your home gets plenty of sun, you can use this renewable energy source for hot water. You may need to perform extra maintenance and install a backup storage water heater for periods of extended cloudiness.

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