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Fire Sprinkler Facts You Should Be Aware Of

In a commercial environment, fire safety is critical to protecting the lives and health of your employees and your customers. An effective means of fire suppression can also mean the difference between minor damage to your facility and its contents or total destruction of your business. A sprinkler system is probably the most effective and reliable way to control and extinguish fires that might occur in your commercial building. Here are some fire sprinkler facts that can help you better understand these important safety systems.

What do sprinklers do?

A fire sprinkler system is a network of pipes and sprinkler heads installed within drop ceilings or in other configurations overhead. They release a spray of water that is intended to slow the spread of fires, or in most cases, completely extinguish them. Fire sprinkler systems are configured to cover the widest possible area within your commercial facility, providing the most thorough coverage and best fire suppression possible. Don’t be fooled by the term “sprinkler,” which might make it sound like these systems release just a few drops of water. Fire sprinklers are designed to put plenty of water on areas where fires are detected.

How do sprinklers work?

Most fire sprinkler systems are automatic, which means they are activated by heat and without any need for human intervention. Heat-activated sprinklers usually contain a link made of solder or a liquid-filled glass bulb. When a fire causes the temperature in the area to rise high, the solder will melt or the glass bulb will burst, which activates the sprinkler. The system releases water which cascades directly downward on the source of the heat that activated the sprinkler. Most fire sprinkler systems are also wired to activate the facility’s fire alarm system when they activate.

Why are sprinklers so effective?

Their automatic activation and thorough wetting of heat-producing areas mean that sprinklers will function at the earliest stages of a fire. They concentrate the spraying of water in the area where the fire has started, which will usually keep a fire small and prevent it from spreading. In most cases, the sprinklers will completely extinguish the fire before it can do substantial damage to your commercial facility.

Why are sprinklers so important for safety?

Since the sprinklers are also designed to set off the building’s fire alarm, they improve safety by ensuring the structure’s occupants are warned about the fire as early as possible. When the alarm sounds, fire safety representatives know to begin evacuation and call the fire department immediately. The automatic operation of fire sprinklers also ensures they go to work on the fire at once; there is no need for a possibly confused or frightened human to find a fire alarm to manually activate, which could cause critical delays. Fire sprinkler systems prevent the growth of fires and the generation of excessive smoke and extreme heat which often presents greater risks to health and safety than the actual flames of the fire.

How reliable are fire sprinkler systems?

In general, fire sprinklers are the best and most reliable fire suppression and protection systems you can install in your commercial facility. Like any mechanical system, they can be damaged and subject to failure, but well-maintained and regularly inspected fire sprinklers will provide a protection and suppression system you can count on. Statistics from organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association indicate that fire sprinkler systems have a success rate that consistently tops 96 percent and is usually over 98 percent. To keep your sprinklers in good working order, they should be maintained and inspected by the appropriate professionals at least annually.

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