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Find Out Which Certifications Your HVAC Technician Should Have

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What do you know about the person who arrives at your home to service your heating or cooling system? If they don’t have HVAC technician certifications, the answer is not much. Anybody can run an advertisement and claim to be a competent HVAC field tech. But if they can’t prove it with documented qualifications, you’re taking a risk. When you need professional installation, maintenance, or service for your heating and cooling system, don’t gamble on someone who’s getting on-the-job training at your expense. Look for one or more of these HVAC technician certifications.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE)

The NATE program is jointly funded by the heating and cooling contractor’s industry and certifies the knowledge and practical skills of HVAC field technicians. To earn certification, candidates must pass a comprehensive examination on heating and cooling theory and practice, as well as a second exam that tests knowledge in one specialized area. Once certified, technicians must complete a designated course of study in continuing education to keep their technical skills and expertise current in order to apply for re-certification.

HVAC Excellence

This is a non-profit training and testing program that both accredits training programs as well as issues HVAC technician certifications. From employment-ready exams to verify that new potential employees have the necessary educational foundation to enter the industry at entry-level positions, to professional-level certification for active HVAC field techs, to master “hands-on” certification, HVAC Excellence provides a standard that both industry and consumers can consult to verify the skills of heating and cooling technicians.

EPA 608

Because the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners involves handling environmentally sensitive refrigerants, certification is required by the Environmental Protection Agency. All technicians who perform A/C work must pass the test to earn EPA 608 certification.

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