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Eye in the Sky: Benefits of a Security System for Your Business

After putting in alarms and suppression systems to protect your business from the dangers of fire, the next priority should be to take steps to protect your facility from human-caused problems. Installing a security system for your business will help guard against criminal activity such as shoplifting, vandalism, and other troubles from individuals with malicious motives. Here are some of the more useful benefits you can expect once you install a security system for your business.

  • Reduced shoplifting: If you operate a retail establishment, you probably recognize that shoplifting is a constant threat that is difficult to control. A security system with cameras placed throughout the store will deter shoplifters and help you identify any theft suspects. Make sure to put cameras in out-of-the-way spots in the store where it is difficult to see customers or where potential shoplifters could hide to stash what they’ve taken. A spot monitor camera at the entrance to your store, where people can see that they are on camera, will make individuals less likely to shoplift.
  • Prevention of trespassing and burglary: A security system, with camera surveillance and alarms, can prevent trespassing and deter burglars who are looking for a quick and easy target. Some individuals who seek unauthorized access to your business might be looking for cash or valuable items to steal, while others may be looking to vandalize your premises or destroy property. Still others may only want to break in for nothing more than the thrill of doing it. Cameras placed in clearly visible locations will deter trespassers, while loud alarms that indicate a security device has been activated will cause most trespassers to flee.
  • Decreased employee theft: While everyone hopes that the employees they’ve hired are honest and reputable, it’s not always possible to ensure that every employee will be able to resist the temptation of pocketing cash or other items. The presence of cameras throughout your business will indicate that you are watching for everything from criminal activity to simple goofing off. Security recordings will help you identify the circumstances and participants in any theft that occurs. In addition, if there are disputes that arise among employees, from verbal arguments to physical altercations, a security system will help you see exactly what happened. When you can identify the participants and what they did, you’ll be able to verify explanations before deciding if further action is necessary.
  • Reductions in insurance costs: A reliable security system for your business can produce benefits beyond physical security. Insurance companies may require a security system as a condition of providing business insurance. Installing a security system indicates your sincere desire to make your business premises as safe and secure as possible, while decreasing risks that could result in a costly claim against your business insurance policy. Your insurance company may also grant discounts on your monthly premiums based on the type and extent of security system you have. Ask your insurance agent and make sure you understand all requirements your insurance company imposes for security systems.
  • Protection against fraud: A security system with a well-maintained library of security camera footage can help protect you and your business against fraud or attempts to make false claims against you or your insurance company. A visible system of surveillance cameras will deter potential fraudsters. If you have a detailed visual record from your camera system, you will be able to tell if claims and accusations are valid. Someone claiming an accident and injury, for example, may be completely accurate in their claims. Security camera footage can help verify the incident and detect if any fraudulent activity has occurred.

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