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Extend the Water Heater’s Life by Simply Draining It

Most people are eager to cut costs and save money where possible. To that end, anything that can be done to extend the life of an appliance will save you money in repair and replacement costs. Often the steps required in extending the life of an appliance are far simpler than you might imagine. This principle definitely holds true if you want to extend the water heater’s life. All that is required is to drain your water heater on a regular basis.

  • In order to drain your water heater you must first turn off all supplies of water and energy. Common sense dictates turning off the electricity before dealing with anything water related. For a water heater that is gas-powered, you can just set the thermostat at “pilot.”
  • Next, turn on at least one hot water faucet in your home to prevent a vacuum from forming in the line. To empty the tank open the drain valve of your water heater. Don’t forget to attach a hose or simply use a bucket to carry the water away.
  • Once all of the hot water has drained from the tank, turn the water supply back on. This will flush out any sediment that is left in the water heater.
  • After the water begins to run clear, close the drain valve. Make sure you turn off the hot water faucet that you previously opened. You should allow the tank to fill before turning the power supply back on. Some heating elements can burn out if there is no water in the tank.
  • After the water temperature in the tank has been restored, test the pressure-relief valve. The manufacturer should have detailed instructions. This valve is designed to prevent overheating. If it is not working properly, it should be replaced by a professional.

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