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Exhaust Fans: A Key Component in Promoting Better Air in Your Home

We all want to do our part to keep energy use down. For homeowners, this means proper insulation and well-sealed doors and window, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Unfortunately, a well-sealed home also means stale air, trapped odors, moisture, germs and particles that can cause discomfort and health issues for you and your family. Exhaust fans can help alleviate these problems regarding indoor air quality.

There are six main types of exhaust fans used in residential buildings.

  • Ceiling mounted – draws air out through a duct to a roof vent
  • Wall mounted – installed on exterior walls to vent directly outside
  • Kitchen range – mounted in the range hood to draw air out of the kitchen, expelling odors and excess moisture; the exhaust should be vented outside
  • Inline – for interior rooms and hard-to-reach spaces, the fans are installed directly into the ceiling and attached to ductwork leading outside.
  • Exterior Remote – mounted outside your home, these pull air out of the home. This option keeps the noise of the fan outside the house.
  • Combination – These fans provide additional features such as lights or heaters. Using a combination of these exhaust fans for a whole-house ventilation system has several benefits. It reduces excess moisture in the air, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Moisture buildup in these areas can lead to mold growth, which leaves a bad smell and places your family at risk of respiratory problems. Removing excess moisture from the air also protects your property, keeping books, fabric and wood from warping or rotting.

During the winter months when windows stay closed and people stay indoors, a well-sealed home also becomes a breeding ground for cold germs and indoor allergens. Whole-house ventilation draws out stale air and replaces it regularly with fresh air from outside. These fans will help keep your home smelling fresh all year long.

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