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Energy Star Labels Can Make Your HVAC Decisions Easier

Yellow StarThe Energy Star label has recently celebrated its 20th birthday. First conceived to rate the energy efficiency of personal computer monitors—in 1992, a new item just appearing in homes—Energy Star ratings now apply to thousands of household appliances, including HVAC equipment. In 2010, Americans purchasing Energy Star-rated appliances prevented the release of greenhouse gas emissions equal to the amount from 33 million vehicles. At the same time, they saved almost $18 billion on utility costs.

The philosophy behind the Energy Star rating is to facilitate informed comparison shopping by providing consumers with a quick method of distinguishing energy-efficient HVAC equipment from heating and cooling equipment with only standard performance specs. Since the appearance of the Energy Star label on any appliance is a very effective marketing plus, manufacturers are also incentivized to research and build more energy-efficient products.

To earn the Energy Star, heating and cooling equipment must meet the strict Department of Energy standards. In general terms, the Energy Star on heating and cooling equipment means:

  • The unit reduces greenhouse gases and other pollutants caused by inefficient energy consumption.
  • Operates more efficiently than comparable units, providing energy savings while not sacrificing performance such as superior interior comfort.
  • Offers certain advanced options and enhancements not available on standard units to provide greater user convenience and/or unit performance.
  • If the unit has a higher upfront purchase price than standard units, buyers will be able to recoup their initial investment within a predictable period of time from lower operating costs provided by increased energy efficiency.
  • The heating and cooling efficiency of the unit has been measured and verified according to standardized laboratory tests.
  • The unit also incorporates specific Energy Star installation procedures that ensure the optimum performance and efficiency implied by an Energy Star rating.

Sobieski Services offers a wide variety of heating and cooling options that have earned the Energy Star label.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems).

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