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Energy-Saving Tips That Will Make You See Green This Winter

Since being coined in the late 1960s, the term “green” has become increasingly overused by sales personnel, manufacturers and even builders. But don’t let that make you overlook the importance of saving energy in your home. You’ll be helping the earth but also reducing your energy bills, providing better home comfort and increasing the value of your home. Try out these energy-saving tips that will make you see green this winter.


Have your heating installation tuned up. Annual maintenance is important for any sort of heating system, though it’s essential for fuel-buring appliances such as furnaces and boilers. Inefficient operation increases fuel usage and decreases appliance life but also creates safety issues. Filter upkeep is important in forced-air heating systems. A clogged filter will reduce the flow of treated and return air, making equipment struggle to satisfy temperature demands. Harder work costs more, and increased fuel spending equals increased environmental impact.


Upgrade your installation with a programmable thermostat. These devices change your temperature settings as programmed according to your daily and weekly schedules. Typically, users reduce temperatures while they’re at work or asleep, bringing them up again just before they get home. If your home is large, consider dividing it into zones, all controlled by separate programmable thermostats linked to controllable duct dampers. You can then keep living space warmer during the day, for instance, and sleeping space warmer during the night. You’ll save money and reduce impact. Consider dropping your home’s temperature two or three degrees. For every degree you decrease your thermostat’s demand over the long run, you can cut between 3 and 5 percent from your energy bill.

Insulation and Air Sealing

Retaining the heat you pay for is perhaps the most important measure you can take, both in terms of adequate insulation and sealing leaks in your home’s outer envelope. Have a professional evaluation of your loft insulation carried out, to determine whether the material you already have installed is up to the job. An energy audit can find other issues in your home’s efficiency, showing where repairs can be made. Of course, there are many more things you can to do lessen your environmental impact while saving money.

With these energy-saving tips, our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems). To find out more, contact Sobieski Services today!

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