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Energy-Saving Myths: What’s Real and What’s Fiction?

Unfortunately, there are some energy-saving myths out there that may be preventing you from maximizing your home’s energy efficiency potential. If you’ve ever fallen victim to these myths, it’s time to change your way of thinking:

Myth #1: The Lower the Thermostat, the Faster Your Home Will Cool

Although some A/C units work this way thanks to variable speed air handlers, the majority of units will cool off at the same rate no matter how much you drop the temperature. In fact, you’re likely to run the A/C much longer than you intend to, resulting in energy waste.

Myth #2: Ceiling Fans Cool Off Empty Rooms

Ceiling fans help keep you cool by evaporating sweat from your body. You’re being cool when a ceiling fan is in operation, not the room. Leaving these fans running in an empty room is nothing but a waste.

Myth #3:Save Energy by Turning off the A/C While You’re Gone

You don’t want to run the A/C the entire time you’re away, but cooling off a warm house when you return takes time. Invest in a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat that will allow you to gradually lower the temperature before you get home.

Myth #4: Your A/C is the Only Way to Cool Off

While many of us have the tendency to immediately run to the A/C when our homes heat up, there are other ways to cool off much of the time. For example, you can move to a room with less sun exposure, spend more time downstairs, or use a ceiling or floor fan.

Myth #5: Shutting Vents Will Save Energy

You know what happens when you shut a vent? The backside of the vent gets really cold. That’s it. The cold air is still being distributed. All you’re doing is not giving it any place to go.

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