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Energy Management Program: Steps to Start Yours

The energy needs of a commercial establishment can be significant, and over the course of a year can consume a significant portion of the facility’s budget. An energy management program can help business owners and managers achieve better control of their energy usage and expenditures. Here are some brief suggestions on how to start an energy management program that will benefit you and your environment.

Benefits of An Energy Management Program

Energy management and conservation is a practice that pays off both for individual businesses and for the community at large.

  • Reduced costs: A successful energy management program can trim your costs for heating, cooling and overall operation. Effective and intelligently applied energy conservation measures can significantly reduce the amount you pay for electricity, fuel and other energy sources.
  • Less use of limited resources: Conservation practices contained within an energy management program can reduce the amount of energy you need to keep your facility comfortable and functional.
  • Improvement to the environment: Reducing energy use will have benefits for your local environment and community, such as the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gases that come from large-scale energy production.

How to Start An Energy Management Program

  • Make the commitment: Energy management and conservation programs require commitment to make them work. The program may require you and your employees to do things differently or to take steps that are unfamiliar, which could result in some dissatisfaction or resistance. If you want your energy management program to work properly, make sure it has support from the top management down through all other levels of your organization. More importantly, make sure the program is followed consistently.
  • Find out where you’re lacking: Assess your current status in areas such as energy usage, areas of waste, energy management, conservation and energy expenses. Identify areas where your energy management practices are working and where improvement could be made, where energy waste can be stopped, and where new or revised procedures could provide energy savings. Use sources such as the U. S. government’s Energy Star program to locate assessment tools and advice.
  • Get educated and gather resources: Turn to authoritative sources for information on energy management and conservation. The Energy Star program is one important source for energy education and management resources. Check with your local utility companies, energy conservation groups and business organizations for practical advice and access to local resources. Find out how you can correct the gaps and deficiencies you’ve identified and what resources are available to help your efforts.
  • Establish an energy team: Organize an energy management team within your company. The team should have the involvement of diverse segments and departments in your business and should be granted the authority to take actions, make decisions, and communicate among internal groups as appropriate. Positions within the team should include an energy director to oversee and coordinate, a member of senior management who serves as the team’s mentor and advocate, and individual team members who implement processes and monitor their results.
  • Promote the program: An energy management program can’t function if nobody knows about it, so make sure to promote the program as necessary. Announce the program through official communication channels, include information in company newsletters, distribute guidance and handbooks as needed, put up posters and notifications, and encourage meetings and information sessions as appropriate.
  • Put the program into operation and keep it moving: Take steps to sustain interest and participation in the program. Devise a long-term strategy for the program and make sure everyone in the company knows about it. Check in with other energy management systems you may know about and take advantage of Energy Star’s award and recognition programs.

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