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An Energy-Efficient Home Should Include Whole House Ventilation

The air in your home is probably dirtier than you think. If you live in a newer home, or one that’s particularly tightly sealed, you may benefit from a whole-house ventilation system that replaces indoor air with fresh air from outside. Choosing a system that’s right for you is easy if you know a little about the different types of whole-house ventilation systems.

Exhaust Ventilation Systems

These systems depressurize your home by exhausting stale air and letting in fresh air through passive vents. Ideal for cold climates, the pros of this system include a low price tag and easy installation. Cons include the possible infiltration of fumes from garages and crawl spaces.

Supply Ventilation Systems

These systems work by pressurizing your home, pumping in fresh air through vents while stale air leaks out through fan ducts and intentional vents. They work best in hot and mixed climates. Pros of these systems include low expense and easy installation. Cons include moisture problems in cold climates and an increase in heating and cooling costs.

Balanced Ventilation Systems

These systems send stale air out and fresh air into your home in equal increments. Pros include the fact that they work in all climates and filter the outdoor air coming in. Cons include their expense and installation costs, and they may increase heating and cooling costs.

Energy Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

These systems can lower your heating and cooling costs by using the warm exhaust air to heat the incoming cold air in the winter and vice versa in the summer. Energy recovery ventilators also transfer moisture to incoming air to help humidify your home in the winter and remove some of the humidity from incoming air in the summer. Pros include effectiveness in extreme climates, while cons include their expense and high maintenance needs.

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