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Electronic Faucets Offer a Modern Twist of Water Efficiency

When you are considering having new faucets installed, you may be faced with several choices. These variables are not limited to the faucet’s shape or metal finish anymore, however. Now, for a cost-effective advanced feature, you can consider electronic faucets.

How they work

Electronic faucets are equipped with a pressure or optical sensor. When this is activated, it sends a signal to the internal mechanisms, which open to release water. The water usually runs only as long as the sensor is activated. This usually means that when you remove your hands from beneath the faucet, it automatically shuts off. The power source running these faucets is either a battery pack or your home’s electrical system, depending on the model of faucet. Most of these faucets are designed to turn on when you wave your hand directly beneath them. No-touch styles have been used in airports, restaurants, hospitals and other public venues for several years. Benefits When you use a manual faucet, it’s easy to forget to shut off the water during daily hygiene activities such as hand washing or brushing the teeth. Letting the water run as you brush your teeth or soap up your hands is unnecessary and wastes a lot of water.

If you want to conserve water in the home and lower your water bill, you will appreciate the instant shut-off feature that electronic faucets employ. In addition to saving water, these high-efficiency plumbing fixtures provide a touch of modern class to your bathroom and kitchen. The external components are made of the same materials as manual faucets. For this reason, you can find styles and metal finishes that beautifully complement your design theme.

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