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Easy Moisture-Fighting Tips To Keep Your Home Mold-Free

CatsAccording to some estimates, mold can be found in approximately 50 percent of homes. There is medical evidence linking exposure to indoor molds with coughing, wheezing and other respiratory problems in otherwise healthy individuals. For people with conditions such as asthma or weakened immune systems, exposure to household mold can have even more serious consequences.

Because mold requires the presence of moisture in order to flourish, follow these moisture-fighting tips:

1. Do not leave wet materials such as towels lying around the house. These should be dried as quickly as possible. Shower curtains should be left closed after use, enabling them to dry more quickly.

2. Eliminate any damp areas in your home by removing the source of accumulated moisture. Any leaks in the plumbing should be repaired and cracks in caulk or grout should be fixed. This includes all areas, but it is especially important in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, basement and around all windows.

3. Run the bathroom exhaust fan whenever bathing or showering for at least 30 minutes after finishing.

4. A properly sized cooling system is essential for maintaining the proper humidity level in your home. Have an HVAC expert check your air conditioner to ensure it’s the correct size.

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