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Is Dust Continuously Invading Your Home? Learn How to Deal With It

It lurks in homes all over the world. It reappears almost as soon as you clean it up. It’s annoying, and a hazard to your health – especially if you or a loved one suffers from allergies. No matter what method you choose to try to remove it, somehow it remains. We’re talking about dust, of course.

What Is It Anyway?

Dust is made up of microscopic particles of dirt, mold spores, skin dander, pollens and even microscopic insects such as mites. There is some in every home, even if you clean every day. If you have pets, their dander adds to the dust in your home. It loves to accumulate on knick-knacks, electronics, and shelves and window sills that aren’t often touched.

How Can Dust Harm a Home’s HVAC System?

It first meets its match in the filter of your forced-air HVAC system. The filter traps dust and debris, keeping it from circulating through your home’s air. Without an effective furnace or A/C filter, much of that dust will collect on the equipment, making it work harder to deliver the same results. Inspect your filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty.

Avoid a Fire Hazard!

Though furnaces are safety tested and can safely burn up some dust while running, a large accumulation can be a fire hazard in your furnace. Make sure that your furnace is not located in a really dusty area, and have it serviced and cleaned regularly.

Keep Dust at Bay

Clean your home at least weekly, and more often if you have a particular dust problem. Also reduce or eliminate the number of knick-knacks in your home, and remember to clean places where dust and dirt accumulate. Also try to keep all pets clean and brushed to reduce the amount of dander they shed.

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