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Ductless Mini Splits Offer Several Mounting Options

You have many choices in providing heating/cooling to your home, from traditional furnaces and central air conditioners to geothermal or air-source heat pump systems. For providing indoor air comfort for an older home lacking existing air ducts, for a home-addition or conversion of an attic or garage area into living space, the best choice may be a ductless mini split.

Ductless mini split systems, initially developed in Japan during the 1950s and used extensively in Asia and Europe since the 1960s, have more recently caught on in the U.S. because of their many positive aspects, including:

  • Economical to operate and high performance capabilities
  • Quick, simple installation
  • No heat-loss through ductwork, resulting in high efficiency
  • Small, compact size and quiet operation
  • With the ability to run several air handlers from a single outside condensing unit, they allow for independent temperature control in rooms or areas
  • Great flexibility in installation

A ductless mini split is similar to any other air-source heat pump except for the placement of the indoor air handler(s). The air handlers are placed within the room or zones they’ll be conditioning rather than in a central area where air ducts supply conditioned air throughout the home. Because ductless mini split systems don’t employ the use of ductwork, each room or zone to be conditioned will contain its own air handler, controlled independently of any others. Most systems will support as many as four inside air handlers connected to one single outside condensing unit. There are numerous options for the installation of each air handler, including:

  • Wall-mounted – typically installed higher up on the wall for maximum coverage
  • Ceiling-mounted – similar to wall-mount but on the ceiling, either attached or suspended
  • Ceiling-recessed or cassette – discreetly placed above the ceiling with just the front panel or grill protruding into the room
  • Free-standing – Can be positioned on the floor in an inconspicuous part of the room Contact Sobieski Services for more information or advice regarding ductless mini split systems.

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