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Duct Cleaning is Essential for Maintenance and HVAC Performance

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If you have never thought about duct cleaning, you are not alone. Since the interior of ductwork is usually out of sight, it’s common to forget that grime is accumulating there until your home develops an air quality problem or your HVAC system performance diminishes. Here is why you should remember to have your ductwork professionally cleaned.

Promote Healthier Air Quality

Most features in the home collect dust, but you probably keep these items wiped clean or otherwise kept dust-free. Homeowners do this not only for a clean appearance but also because dust contains known allergens, such as pollen, dander, dust mites and mold spores. Dust in your ductwork is no different, and the effects on indoor air quality can be worse for several reasons. Ducts offer a dark environment that invites mold, and any allergens in ductwork are easily dispersed throughout your home. Duct cleaning alleviates some of the most common sources of indoor respiratory allergies.

Maintain the Health of your HVAC System

Clean ducts are an important part of HVAC maintenance because they help everything run smoother. The debris in ducts contributes to dust and debris on HVAC components, which can lead to issues such as overheating, inefficient heating and cooling and general wear and tear on the parts. Dirty ducts can end up costing you money in higher energy costs and repair bills.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning

Ductwork cleaning requires the right knowledge and tools to perform the job correctly. Your ducts need to be both cleaned and decontaminated, and this needs to be done using proper procedures to avoid contaminating other areas of the home. Your technician will use powerful tools to remove all of the contaminants from the duct network, clean vents and registers and check for air leaks, plus more.

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