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Dual-Fuel Geothermal Heat Pump: Less Expensive, But Less Efficient

There are plenty of options for homeowners in the mid-Atlantic region when it comes to effective and efficient heating throughout the cooler months. A dual-fuel geothermal heat pump may not be on your radar, but it should be among the wide variety of choices for providing exceptional home comfort.

However, it’s important to understand the potential downside of this heating method before making your final decision. While dual-fuel geothermal heat pumps are more efficient than air-source units, they don’t have the efficiency that other types of geothermal systems offer. This is because the geothermal heat pump’s compressor usually shuts down as the auxiliary heating unit is called into action.

After the auxiliary heat warms up the home, there’s a brief lag in the amount of time it takes for the geothermal heat pump to start making heat. Indoor air temperatures will have already dropped within this time span, requiring yet another round of heating from the auxiliary source and yet another shutdown of the compressor. As a result of this cycle, you end up using a bit more energy while paying a little bit more in energy costs in the long run. Nevertheless, dual-fuel geothermal heat pumps cost less to have installed than single geothermal units.

Understanding the pros and cons of this system is important if you wish to have a dual-fuel arrangement as an option when you shop for a new system. Another option involves connecting your existing fossil fuel furnace to a geothermal heat pump instead of using a full dual-fuel geothermal heat pump system. With this setup, the compressor will not shut down when auxiliary heat is needed. The geothermal heat pump does the bulk of the heating, saving you plenty on energy costs.

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