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Don’t Void Your HVAC Warranty

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The manufacturer’s warranty on your HVAC system gives you peace of mind that the components are covered in case of defects, but did you know that it’s possible to void your HVAC warranty and lose that valuable coverage?

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your warranty intact.

  • Make sure the equipment is installed properly. Choose an experienced, licensed HVAC contractor to ensure that your new equipment is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Hiring a reputable pro allows you to avoid future issues with performance, comfort and efficiency, and it eliminates any worry that the manufacturer may not honor the warranty if a component fails due to faulty installation.
  • Remember to register your warranty. Most HVAC manufacturers require that you register the warranty either online or through the mail within a specific time frame after your equipment purchase. Failing to register it by that deadline can significantly shorten or even void your HVAC warranty.
  • Don’t neglect yearly system maintenance. Manufacturers know that regular preventive care is vital to keep HVAC equipment in good working condition. If you don’t schedule professional maintenance annually and a component fails, any warranty claims may be denied.
  • Always use authorized replacement parts. You can find cheap replacement parts that save you a few dollars, but it’s wiser to buy quality parts through your HVAC contractor. Authorized replacement parts are specifically designed to match your equipment, they last longer than off-brand parts and using them also preserves your warranty.
  • Save all HVAC system-related receipts. If you have to file a warranty claim, the manufacturer may ask to see all your receipts before approving it. When you have copies saved, you can easily prove that the installation and any repairs were performed by a qualified HVAC pro using authorized parts and that the equipment has been properly maintained.

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