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Don’t Sweat Heat Pump Problems: Troubleshooting Tips

It’s hard not to get concerned when heat pump issues occur as the days get colder. There’s no need to panic in most cases, however, as several heat pump problems are easily fixable at home. When you know basic troubleshooting tips for your system, you can more easily tell whether to call in professionals or handle the issue yourself. Here are a few common issues you may run into with your heat pump:

  1. Rattling noises when the heat pump runs. Check all of your cover panels for the heating system. Look for loose screws or any other physical damage to the covers. In most cases, tightening the screws on the cover eliminates the noise. If you hear rattling from within the ductwork, call in a professional to address the issue.
  2. The heat pump won’t turn on. First check the thermostat to determine whether your room temperature is sufficient to turn on the unit, or if it’s turned on to heating at all. If the thermostat looks okay, go to the circuit breakers for the heat pump. It’s possible these were tripped, so turn the breakers on. If the breakers immediately trip after that instead of staying on, make a call to an electrician or HVAC professional to get your system checked out.
  3. The room temperature does not match the thermostat temperature. If it appears that the heat pump is not doing its heating or cooling job properly in certain rooms, check the vents in the problematic rooms. It’s possible that these are not opened enough to allow for proper air flow.
  4. The unit freezes up. If there’s an issue with the condenser unit freezing, take a look at your filters and registers. If any of these are blocked, take care of the problem and try again. Otherwise, consult a professional for assistance.

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