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Don’t Ignore These Telling Signs of a Main Sewer Line Clog

A main sewer line clog may announce itself loud and clear, or it may sneak up on you. While a sudden total blockage is hard to miss, a main sewer line clog often develops gradually over time as the pipe obstructs incrementally. During this period, the signs of impending trouble may be subtle. However, once total blockage occurs and sewage backs up into your home, you’ll have more than an issue of simple water damage.

Raw sewage is a toxic biohazard and may require an expensive clean-up. Instead of awaiting the inevitable, it’s best to note the early indicators of a sewer line clog and consult a qualified plumber ASAP. Here’s what to look for:

  • Sluggish household drains: Slow draining in one sink or bathtub usually points to a clog in that specific drain pipe. However, if all drains in your home inexplicably slow down, there may be an obstruction forming in your sewer line. Since sewer obstructions seldom spontaneously correct themselves, call a plumber now before things get worse.
  • Strange toilet behavior: Toilets are plumbed directly to the sewer, and therefore, may provide early warning signs of a main sewer line clog. Toilets that don’t forcefully flush or require multiple flushes may indicate a sewer dysfunction. Same goes for gurgling or bubbling toilet bowls.
  • Basement drain backflow: Because they’re the lowest drain in your home, basement floor drains are usually the first to be affected by sewage backup. Any sign of liquid influx through basement drains—even intermittently—should be considered a red flag and prompt a call to a plumbing professional immediately. The unexplained presence of sewer gas and odors emanating from your drain is another suspicious sign that needs to be investigated.

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