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Don’t Flush Money Down the Toilet — Benefits of the WaterSense Label

Homes in the US are becoming more efficient all the time. Many of these changes are voluntary “sustainable” type changes but others are mandated by the government. The EPA administers these programs and encourages manufacturers to develop and promote efficient products. When the products meet the standard, they can bear the label.

For example, when the product is an electrical appliance, such as a HVAC system with a sufficiently high SEER rating, it can earn the Energy Star label. Plumbing products that consume water conforming to EPA standards are eligible to bear the WaterSense label. Toilets are a big focus with this program because they use the largest quantity of water in the home.

Toilet water consumption

The EPA estimates that toilets are responsible for thirty percent of the typical home’s water consumption. Older style toilets used approximately 6 gallons for each flush. The “low-flow” model was the first attempt by the industry to lower that amount. Unfortunately, in many cases they were not satisfactorily efficient, requiring a double-flush. The newer models that have earned WaterSense label have solved that problem by setting higher performance standards while lowering consumption to 1.28 gallons or less.

Homeowners that incorporate these commodes will not only use less of the precious water supply but will also save on water bills. A good time to step up to the new standard is when you begin to experience toilet leaks. For further savings, when replacing other plumbing fixtures such as bathroom faucets, showerheads, and even irrigation controllers, look for the label on them too.

Requirements for the WaterSense label

  • The consumption must be a minimum of 20 percent better than the average fixture
  • The manufacturer must provide the EPA with independent certification
  • The fixture must realize water savings using specified technology options
  • The fixture’s demonstrated performance must be as good or better than non-label fixtures

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