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Don’t Fall for these 4 Myths About Geothermal Systems

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Geothermal systems provide homeowners with a clean and efficient way to heat and cool their homes. This type of system works by pulling heat that’s naturally stored in the ground and moving it inside your home. Although demand for geothermal systems is growing, there are still several myths about them.

Myth #1: Geothermal Systems Need a Lot of Space

Geothermal systems include a heat pump and a series of pipes that are placed in the ground. Installation does require contractors to dig into your yard, but the amount of space needed depends on the type of system you choose. For limited space, horizontal systems with pipes that go deeper into the ground instead of being spread out are an ideal option.

Myth #2: Geothermal Systems Are Only Good for Heating Homes

A geothermal system can keep your home cool during the summer months. In cooling mode, these systems take hot air from inside your home and move it back into the ground. The heat is stored there until your home needs it again during the winter.

Myth #3: Geothermal Systems Use a Lot of Water

Geothermal systems don’t use water unless they’re connected to an on-site pond or another source of water. In this case, the water is used to transfer heat to homes, but that same water comes back to the pond or water source. This prevents any water from being wasted while the system is running.

Myth #4: Geothermal Systems Don’t Last Long

A geothermal system has pipes or ground loops that can last for several decades. The other components of these systems, such as the heat pump, also last for years or even decades with proper maintenance. In most cases, homeowners don’t need to replace the pipes, which are the most expensive part of the system.

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