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Does Your Ductwork Need a Thorough Cleaning? 3 Telltale Signs

Professional ductwork cleaninghas benefited many homeowners here in Wilmington and surrounding areas, but not every home needs the service. There is no set frequency for duct cleaning, either. In certain situations, however, having your duct system professionally cleaned could improve your indoor air quality, according to the federal EPA.

When Duct Cleaning is Recommended

1. Mold

If there is mold evident in your home’s ductwork, consider having the ducts cleaned. Your HVAC contractor should be able to show you the mold discovered during your duct inspection. If in doubt, you can have a sample sent to a lab to confirm the presence of mold for a relatively low fee. Any moldy or wet insulation should be removed and replaced. The source of the mold problem must be properly identified and eliminated or it will probably return.

2. Vermin infestation

Insects or rodents in the ductwork are an indication that professional duct cleaning is recommended.

3. Ducts partially blocked by debris:

If you have an accumulation of debris or dust lining your ducts, schedule a professional air duct cleaning. If the dust and debris seems to be remaining in place within the ducts, and is not being circulated into the rooms of your house, you might opt not to have duct cleaning. If your home (ducts included) is well sealed and insulated, is sufficiently airtight, your air filter is kept clean, and you have no pets, it’s likely that your ducts won’t have a large buildup of contaminants. If you have no sensitive individuals at home, with allergies or lung ailments, you may not need to worry about dust buildup in the ducts – and you probably won’t need ductwork cleaning.

When You Need Your Ducts Inspected

Every home, however, should have an annual preventive maintenance checkup of the heating and cooling systems. This service can keep your system running efficiently and head off any impending performance or safety issues, and it provides a convenient time for a duct inspection.

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