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Does Your Ductwork Need Replacing?


If your energy bills are suspiciously high and your comfort is lacking due to hot and cold spots in your mid-Atlantic home, the problems may not reside with your furnace or A/C. Poorly designed and leaky ducts are often to blame for home efficiency issues. Following are signs that you need to replace or repair your ductwork, and the steps you should take to get the job done right.

Signs of Duct Problems

If your home is more than 20 years old, it’s even more important to listen, look and feel for telltale signs of duct problems. Ducts were often incorrectly sized in older construction, and inferior sealing materials were common. If you experience one or more of the following signs, consider a professional duct inspection:

  • Hot and cold spots: Uneven temperatures in your home indicate incorrect duct sizing, obstructions, leaks and/or unbalanced supply and return airflow.
  • Noises: Rattling and clamoring noises from the diffusers are sure signs of duct problems.
  • Debris: Debris emitted from the diffusers points to dirty and contaminated ducts that obstruct airflow and contribute to poor indoor air quality.
  • Grilles: A lack of return grilles creates unbalanced temperatures and burdens the blower motor, lowering heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Cavities: Building cavities were often used to channel airflow in older homes. This is a health risk and diminishes HVAC efficiency. Metal or flex ducts should be installed.

Professional Duct Solutions

When you consider the duct system in the average home wastes up to 40 percent energy, it pays to pay attention to your ductwork. Bring in a reputable professional to thoroughly evaluate the condition and design of your ducts. Whether your ducts just need repair, or if a replacement is recommended, you’ll save energy, increase comfort and reduce the burden on your furnace and A/C.

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