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Do You Know What Dust Mites Are? They’re Harming Your IAQ

In cooler weather, you spend more time indoors and that requires great indoor air quality. Unfortunately, dust mites are an issue in many homes and can exacerbate allergies and asthma. Luckily, knowing what these mites are and how to eliminate them improves air quality.

What are Dust Mites?

The most common allergen from house dust, dust mites are tiny, hardy arachnids that thrive in humid, warm areas. Their preferred environment has a temperature of 70+ degrees Fahrenheit with humidity between 75-80 percent.

Dust Mites as a Health Concern

Dust mites are a health concern because they harm anyone with allergic reactions. In each gram of dust in your home, 100-500 dust mites can live, and each produces 10-20 waste particles daily for their month-long lifespan, which compromises indoor air quality.

Where Do Dust Mites Live?

Particles from dust mites exist in pillows, mattresses, and furnishings. They have a diet that consists of particles of skin and dander, which means they flourish where people and pets live. The simple act of walking across the carpet, making the bed, and vacuuming stir dust mites into the air.


Pesticides are ineffective and are harmful to humans and animals. Effective ways of dealing with them include:

  • Proper indoor humidity – Make your home less hospitable by keeping humidity below 55 percent. Avoid excessive use of humidifiers and vaporizers.
  • Clean fabrics – Eliminate their favorite living places by removing wall-to-wall carpeting and replacing with hard surface floors and washable area rugs. When you vacuum, use a machine with a HEPA filter. Vacuum mattresses and upholstered furniture regularly.
  • Protect bedding – Put pillows and mattresses in covers that are dust mite-proof and wash all bedding often with hot water.
  • Filters – Use high efficiency filters on your furnace and change them every three months.

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