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Do You Have a Maintenance Agreement for Your Business’ Repairs?

With all the daily stresses involved in running your business, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the tasks that need to be done every few months or annually. HVAC system maintenance and repair falls under this category. Perhaps the most convenient and reliable method of ensuring that maintenance and repair happens on time every time is through a maintenance agreement with your local trusted HVAC services provider. Here is a brief explanation of why having a maintenance agreement for your business repairs and equipment upkeep is a practical and money-saving idea.

The Need for a Maintenance Agreement

Annual preventive maintenance is needed to keep your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump running at its best level throughout a lengthy service life. When repairs do become necessary, it can be a scramble to contact your HVAC professional and schedule an appointment to get your heating or cooling system back in service as quickly as possible. Maintenance agreements, sometimes called service contracts or maintenance plans, make it easier to get the regular maintenance and repair appointments you need to keep your HVAC equipment working properly and reliably. They are contractual agreements between you and your HVAC professional that provide for regular maintenance visits and usually include an array of other benefits that will benefit you throughout the year or in case of emergency. What

Does a Maintenance Agreement Provide?

Typically, a maintenance agreement for your business repairs provides benefits such as:

  • Regular inspections and tune-ups of your HVAC system, usually once or twice a year prior to heating or cooling season, whichever is appropriate for the type of HVAC system covered by the agreement.
  • Contractor-initiated scheduling, in which your HVAC company will call you when service is due, relieving you of the need to remember to schedule the appointment yourself.
  • Discounts on parts or labor, based on conditions established by the contractor.
  • Priority service, in which a maintenance agreement holder receives scheduled appointments before customers who do not have a maintenance agreement.
  • Discounts or priority service for emergency repairs and service calls.

Reduced costs for the entire suite of services provided, compared to the cost of the same services purchased separately. Talk to your HVAC service provider about the benefits of a maintenance agreement for your business repairs and HVAC system maintenance. Your HVAC contractor will most likely have an agreement with a range of services that will meet your both your budget and service needs.

Make sure you understand what the contract covers, what you can expect to receive, and what responsibilities you may have in terms of the agreement. Maintenance agreements are an additional expense above and beyond your usual monthly heating and cooling costs. However, the convenience and peace-of-mind that come from having a service contract in place makes these agreements a wise and economical choice.

Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement

Apart from convenience and peace-of-mind, maintenance agreements for your business repairs also offer benefits such as:

  • Increased HVAC system efficiency: The regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling systems working at their best possible level. This will increase HVAC equipment efficiency, meaning that the system will produce the best possible indoor comfort at the least possible cost.
  • Improved indoor comfort: Well-maintained and repaired HVAC equipment will produce consistent heating and cooling for your indoor environment. The system will be able to keep up with heavy seasonal demands without any reduction in performance.
  • Reduced possibility of future repairs: When HVAC systems are regularly maintained and repaired on time, the likelihood of future repairs is decreased. All mechanical systems will eventually need repair, but a maintenance agreement can extend the time between repairs significantly.

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