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Do You Have a Main Sewer Line Clog?

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It is easy to take the convenience of modern plumbing for granted. When something like a main sewer line clog happens, that feeling dissipates quickly. Don’t let your home be overtaken by this kind of plumbing emergency. Understanding the following signs of a sewer line clog can help avert messy problems.

Slow Draining

Your drains seem to be draining more slowly, and the toilet shows signs of inadequate flushing. When a single sink or the toilet is clogged instead of the main sewer line, the problem will typically be confined to the single plumbing feature rather than widespread throughout the home.

Water Backing Up in Drains

When the washing machine is draining or you flush a toilet, you might notice gurgling sounds in other plumbing pipes or you might experience water coming up through sink drains. When a sewer line is clogged, there is excess pressure in all of the lines.

The drain in the laundry room or basement floor might back up as well, leaving a pool of water which can remain if the sewer clog is left unfixed. In some cases, raw sewage will backup.


Another common sign is sewage odor rising up through drains.

Steps to Take

Don’t put off dealing with a sewer line clog or you could be in for a costly mess.

  • If you are experience water or sewage backing up, shut off the main water supply and uncap the outdoor sewer cleanout line until you have solved the clog.
  • Have the main line cleaned by a certified sewer technician as soon as possible.
  • Tree roots are the most common cause of a main sewer line clog. If they keep returning, it might be time to replace your old sewer main with a trenchless sewer line. The pipe design helps discourage tree root invasion.

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