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Dealing with Septic Tank Odors

Cat FaceIn some residential plumbing settings, waste treatment and disposal is handled by a septic tank. These systems are designed to vent septic gases away from your home, but sometimes problems occur that prevent these gases from getting away, creating unpleasant and potentially harmful septic tank odors.

  • Damaged or blocked tank vent: If the vent system gets damaged or blocked, gases from the septic tank will build up and be expelled into your home. The vent could become clogged by waste, ice or other material. The vent stacks, which are the pipes that carry the septic gases away, can become clogged with leaves or material from outside the tank. Raising the height of the vent stacks will help prevent these clogs and resulting septic tank odors. Check the vent and clean it if possible; otherwise, contact a trusted plumbing professional for help.
  • Dry drains: In septic tank drainage systems, a U-shaped pipe or trap is included to prevent gases and odors from escaping the pipe by blocking them with water. If the trap dries out or the water leaks away, it will not stop septic tank odors from seeping back up the pipeline and into your home. The best option is to contact a professional plumber to check the drains and pipeline to find and correct the source of water loss in the trap.
  • Flooded tank: Groundwater, surface runoff, or floodwaters can leak into septic systems. Heavy rains are a common source of the water that can overfill septic tanks. Contact your plumber to install an intercept drain to keep excess water out of the septic tank.
  • Tank is full: A full septic tank may not be able to effectively vent odors, or the odors may back up into your home because of clogged vents or related problems. Regular preventive maintenance and pumping to empty the tank will prevent this source of septic tank odors.

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