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Cracked Toilet? How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace or Repair

You may have seen a tiny crack in the porcelain while you were cleaning the toilet, or perhaps you noticed some water on the floor and could not find the source. Worse, a large crack might suddenly appear behind the flush lever. You immediately ask how it happened, but in truth, it does not matter. The question you need to consider is what to do about it now.

To answer that question, you must ask a couple more:

Can you see a crack over 1/16 inch wide? If the answer is “yes”, replace the tank or bowl.
If the answer is no, consider the location of the crack. Hairline cracks on the outside of the tank or bowl may be cosmetic and easy to repair. If the crack is on the inside of the tank, replace it. Cracks inside the bowl generally signal replacement, as do multiple hairline cracks.
The next question is whether you can repair the toilet yourself, or if you need to call in a plumber to do it for you. The answer depends on your skill level. With careful attention to detail, you can repair small cosmetic cracks yourself using plumbing epoxy with minimal skills. After turning off the water supply and draining the toilet dry it thoroughly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Wait at least 24 hours before refilling the toilet. Monitor the repairs carefully to make sure they do not leak. If the repairs leak, it is time to call a plumber. Make that call at any time the problem is beyond your skill level. Keep in mind that water damage is an expensive issue. A cracked toilet can become a financial disaster, so avoid emergencies by taking care of the repair as soon as you realize you have an issue.

You probably call Sobieski Services for your HVAC needs, but were you aware that you could call for plumbing problems, too? Whether you have a cracked toilet or clogged line, a Sobieski Services technician will resolve your issues in no time. Call 800-665-0002 twenty-four hours a day for help when you need it.

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