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Cooling Season HVAC Terms You Should Know

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Being versed in the basic HVAC terms associated with your central cooling system gives you a foundation for knowing how it operates. These terms may also help you understand and communicate any concerns you have with an HVAC pro.

  • Condenser — All air conditioners use an outdoor condenser that sits inside a large metal box in your yard or on the roof. The condenser contains the parts that alter the refrigerant temperature and pressure that make cooling possible.
  • Compressor — The compressor inside the condenser changes the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid and circulates it.
  • Condenser coil — This part is a copper coil that may be surrounded with fins to help dissipate the heat the refrigerant removes from your home. A large fan pulls air over the coil and fins that speeds its cooling.
  • Refrigerant — The key component of air conditioners is its refrigerant, a chemical that relies on pressure changes to remove the heat from interior spaces. In the past, the most common type was R-22, or Freon, its trade name. Because R-22 causes environmental problems, the EPA banned its use starting in 2010. Its replacement is called R410-A, or Puron. When you’re contacting an HVAC expert knowing the name of the refrigerant is one of the most helpful HVAC terms to provide. Look on the label on the outdoor condenser that should state the name of the refrigerant the system uses.
  • Evaporator coil — This coil sits inside the indoor air handler. The refrigerant circulates through the coil and absorbs the heat that the fan inside the blower compartment sends over it. This coil also condenses some of the humidity from your home.
  • Condensate pan and pipe — These parts sit below the evaporator coil and drain the condensed humidity.

These HVAC terms make it easier for you to understand and communicate how well your system is running.

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