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Convenient Design — Add a Built In Soap Dispenser to Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and germ-free is a continual and never ending task. And when your hands get covered in chicken or other meat juices, it is really easy to transfer bacteria from your hands to other surfaces in the kitchen, especially the outside of your faucet or soap container, which can be really counter-productive. If you’re not careful, the next time you pick up the soap, or turn on the faucet you could be re-coating your hands in bacteria.

Having a built in soap dispenser minimizes the amount of area exposed to germs and bacteria, and gives you easy access to soap without having to pick up a container or turn on the sink first. Built in soap dispensers come in a number of styles, and often reduce the clutter around the sink, allowing your counter top to look more elegant and removing obstacles to cleaning.

All of that clutter represents surfaces that have to be cleaned or else germs can build up, after all. Some dispensers are even made to be compatible with the large bulk soap bottles and you can screw one of those directly in to the under-sink assembly rather than having to fill or clean out a separate reservoir when the soap needs replacing. If you do have to refill the reservoir separately, we recommend keeping a funnel or siphon tube handy for easy refilling.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends frequent, thorough cleaning of all surfaces in the home and kitchen to stop the spread of germs and food borne illness. A built in soap dispenser helps you keep surfaces clean, uncluttered and disinfected, no matter what has recently been prepared in your kitchen. Plus, most built in soap dispensers have a long life span, and will not need to be replaced for several years. When the soap dispenses do break, it’s usually because the spring in the dispensing pump has worn out or rusted, and it can easily be replaced.

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