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Controlling Dust Throughout Your Home

Are you looking for ways you can start controlling dust in your home to avoid respiratory problems and other issues? We’d hate for you to suffer, so here are a few quick tips that will improve your indoor air quality:

Use a Vacuum with a HEPA Filter

Your home’s carpet is a haven for dust mites. The best way to clean your carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is designed to prevent dust from reentering the air.

Replace Your Carpets

While the above tip about the use of a HEPA filter is true, an even better strategy is to replace your carpet altogether. There are a few types of alternatives available, such as tile, wood, and vinyl. You’ll still need to keep these surfaces clean, but it’ll be a lot easier.

Change Your Filter

Dust quickly builds up in your heating or cooling system, and once the filter has been overloaded, that dust will find its way into your home’s air. Be sure to check the filter once a month and change it, as needed.

Beat Those Rugs Outside

Any rugs in your home should be taken outside and beaten, which will remove the majority of the dust that has accumulated on them. From there, grab your vacuum cleaner and give them a quick once-over.

Wash Your Bedding Weekly

We don’t want to gross you out, but after a week, you’re basically sleeping on a layer of dust mites, dead skin cells, and various fibers. It’s a good idea to wrap your box spring and mattress in an allergen-proof cover, but you also need to wash your bedding once a week.

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