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Control Energy Costs in Your Home With These Basic Steps

If you’re aiming to control energy costs, you’ll need to do more than install high-efficiency equipment. The HVAC equipment in your Delaware-area home can run efficiently only if you support it with regular maintenance. Efficient ductwork and the right thermostat also help you keep your utility bills down.

  • Change your filter regularly — A clean air filter is necessary for maintaining sufficient airflow, preventing excess wear on the motor, and ensuring energy efficiency. Especially during summer and winter, check your filter monthly. If it looks dirty, replace it. You’ll need to replace the filter at least once every three months.
  • Seal your ducts — Leaky ducts can waste as much as 20 percent of the air they transport. To prevent leaks, seal your ducts with mastic sealant or oriented polypropylene tape. If you have ducts in uninsulated areas such as crawlspaces, insulate them to R-8 level with duct wrap.
  • Air seal your home — Leaks around your windows, doors, appliance vents and elsewhere waste conditioned air. Seal leaks with weatherstripping or caulk as appropriate. To find all the leaks in your home and more effectively control energy costs, ask your HVAC technician about a professional energy audit.
  • Get a programmable thermostat — A programmable thermostat makes it easy to control energy costs by automatically keeping your temperatures within an energy-efficient range. You’ll no longer waste energy by forgetting to turn down the heat or air conditioning when you head off to work or bed.
  • Schedule yearly inspections — An annual inspection by a technician is a must for keeping your system efficient and performing well. Your technician will adjust your refrigerant charge, tighten electrical connections, measure airflow, check for leaks and address other issues that affect energy efficiency.
  • Consider upgrading your equipment — HVAC equipment that’s more than 10 years old may seem to run well, but it’s less efficient than newer models. Consider upgrading your older equipment to Energy Star-qualified models.

For more pro tips on reducing your energy expenses, contact us at Sobieski Services. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC and plumbing systems).

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